Unlock the Full Potential of Spot with the Expanded Payload Ecosystem and Smarter Charger

Spot: More than a Spot
Spot has been improved over the past couple of years to provide better service to our customers. We’re adding more to the list today! https://bit.ly/3y68Ow1

Spot’s charger has been upgraded to be smarter and faster. It can now charge the newest Spot battery models in less than an hour. The OLED display provides real-time battery information. Users can charge the robot directly, or swap batteries to continue operation.

Expanded Payload Ecosystem

The robot is only one part of the puzzle. Spot’s full solution also includes customization options and a collaboration ecosystem to help deliver maximum value. Customers can equip Spot, through Boston Dynamics or our partners, with additional payloads such as cameras, sensors and laser scanners. Spot can collect and process data using these payloads in conjunction with specialized software. This gives industrial teams valuable insight into what is happening at their facilities. We are proud to announce today two new hardware pieces that will enable 5G connectivity, radio communications and next-level computing.


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