Exploring Elon Musk, SpaceX, Car Racing, and the History of Space with Jim Cantrell on the Learning with Lowell Show

Jim Cantrell, SpaceX and History of Space, Jim Cantrell, Learning with Lowell, 166.
Jim Cantrell, an entrepreneur and strategist, is a subject matter expert on satellite systems, space market markets, and road racing. Founder and VP of SpaceX, Vintage Exotics Competition Engineering and StratSpace.

http://www.jimcantrell.com/book (new book)

The Learning With Lowell series is for everyday mammals. This show will teach us about leadership, science and how people are changing the world. It is our goal to learn more about people we would not normally hear. Lowell Thompson, the host of the show, is a serial problem-solver, entrepreneur, and lifelong autodidact.

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Youtube clips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-B5x371AzTGgK-_q3U_KfA
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Shownotes/ Timestamps.
00:00 Intro.
00:30 Book launch.
01:30 Miniseries.
02:15 Audiobook.
04:15 Self-publishing
Andy Weir/Conferences.
06:25 Carl Sagan simile.
15:02 SpaceX, Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos with Elon Musk.
21:17 Jeff Bezos Blue Origin True Origin story.
26:08 Jeff Bezos Accountability.
31:11 SpaceX Raptor 2, compared with Phantom space engines.
34:45 Engines & ksp 2.
37:25 The benefits of being an engineering leader
39:37 Testing.
40:55 Duel welding SpaceX Phantom Space
Hire Right.
Snap-On Tools 47:10
49:55 Tools.
51:11 American Engineering vs German Engineering.
53:58 Custom Tools
56:18 Soundtrack for book.
Childhood stories.
1:04:16 Innovation, exploration, Mars balloon.
Race Car Soul.
1:08:20 Is the personality of a car based on an individual’s or?
1:12:45 Speeding tickets
1:18:19 A car as a stray cat and designing your own car
Train for racing.
1:23:56 Racing training machines.
1:25.02 Race goals
1:25.34 AI/ML racing
1:26:55 Books.
Jim Cantrell keeps you up-to-date at 1:28:55
Elon Musk’s Twitter deal at 1:29:42
Apple and privacy.
1:33.53 Final thoughts about the book

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