#UnmaskingWesternPropaganda: US and UK Influence Operations Targeting Russia, China, and Iran

Memes Used by the US to Spread Propaganda in Russia and China

Rarely are Western disinformation campaigns exposed. Stanford Internet Observatory, along with social media analysis company Graphika, revealed a five-year campaign that pushed pro-Western narratives. The research tracks Twitter, Facebook and Instagram’s removal of a number of accounts for \”coordinated unauthentic behavior\”. The propaganda accounts were using memes, fake websites, online petitions and various hashtags to promote pro-Western views. They were also linked to overt and undercover influence operations. Some of the accounts used AI-generated profiles and targeted internet users from Russia, China, Iran, and other countries. Researchers say that the accounts \”heavily criticised\” Russia after its invasion of Ukraine in Feburary and \”promoted an anti-extremism message.\” Twitter and Meta both said it originated from the US.


Plus, an Iranian hacking tool steals email inboxes. LastPass is hacked. And a scammer uses a deepfake to target the crypto-world.


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