OpenAI Projects $1 Billion in Revenue by 2024: A Bet on Generative AI Software

Exclusive: ChatGPT’s owner OpenAI expects $1 billion in revenue for 2024

The first report by Reuters shows how some Silicon Valley experts are betting that the underlying technology is going to go beyond flashy, but sometimes flawed, public demonstrations.

One source said that OpenAI’s value was recently $20 billion. The startup’s generative AI software has inspired companies and rivals to build applications on top of it, including the image maker DALL-E 2 OpenAI charges its developers about a penny, or slightly more, to create 20,000 words of written text and about two cents to produce an image based on a written prompt.

OpenAI’s spokesperson declined to comment about its finances and strategy. The company has stated that its mission is to advance AI for humanity safely. It began releasing commercial products by 2020.


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