AI Battle Royale Erupts: Google’s Bard Versus Microsoft’s ChatGPT, Raising Ethical & Legal Concerns

AI Battle Royale with Google Bard Versus Microsoft OpenAI chatGPT, stoking AI ethics and AI law concerns

Prepare yourself for the impact of a new AI battle royale. Here’s what you need to know. Microsoft is in one corner with OpenAI, their business partner. ChatGPT is also there. Google is waiting anxiously at the other corner. They have announced they will make available a similar AI based on their insider AI application known as Lambda. This sounds very techie and is in stark contrast with \”ChatGPT\”, which seems to be light and airy. Google, perhaps recognizing that it needed a name enhancement, chose to present its Lambda variant and christened it \”Bard\”.

Hold on, I’ll tell you more about Bard shortly.

Google announced that they would be releasing an AI app based on Lambda AI called Bard. Microsoft will integrate OpenAI ChatGPT in Bing. The AI wars have begun. Here’s what you need to know.


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