OpenAI Unleashes AI-Powered Minecraft, Opening the Door to New Possibilities

OpenAI’s New AI learned to play Minecraft

OpenAI claimed that the contractors on Upwork alone cost more than $160,000. To be fair, it would have taken a long time and millions of dollars to manually label the entire data set. The model itself was quite small, even though the computing power wasn’t negligible. VPT has hundreds of millions fewer parameters than GPT-3, which has hundreds of billions.

The desire to develop new, clever ways of computing and data management that require less data is still valid. One or two videos can teach a child the basics of Minecraft. AI today requires a lot more effort to master even the simplest skills. Making AI more efficient represents a worthy and big challenge.

OpenAI seems to be in a generous mood. Researchers say VPT has some risks. They’ve restricted access to algorithms such as GPT-3 or DALL-E to prevent misuse, but the risk for now is minimal. They have open-sourced the data, algorithm, and environment and are working with MineRL. The contestants of this year are free to modify and improve the latest AI in Minecraft.


OpenAI’s New AI Learned to Play Minecraft by Watching 70,000 Hours of YouTube

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