AI-Generated Music Blows Up on Streaming Platforms: Drake and The Weeknd’s Response?

The Weeknd x Drake track that just blew up is an AI fake

The song \”Heart On My Sleeve\”, featuring Drake and The Weeknd, has received over 250,000 Spotify plays and 10,000,000 views on TikTok. The two musicians were not involved in the creation of the song. An AI-generated song by an artist known as \”ghostwriter\”, was created.

Drake and The Weeknd are yet to respond to the song. However, Drake has recently commented on AI generated music that mimics his voice. Drake wrote in his Instagram story that he found an AI version of himself singing Ice Spice’s \”Munch\”.

In 2020, Jay-Z’s agency Roc Nation filed copyright strikes against YouTube videos of AI-generated Jay-Z fakes, but YouTube reinstated the videos. Last week, UMG, who represents both rappers, also issued a copyright warning against AI-generated videos of Eminem talking about cats on YouTube.


A new Drake x The Weeknd track just blew up — but it’s an AI fake

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