Tesla’s Full Self-Driving: Is It Worth the Hefty Price Tag?

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving costs $15,000 but lawmakers say it does not live up to the name
Tesla’s FSD has increased in price by $3,000 but is still an unfinished product.

Tesla’s Full Self Driving Beta option costs now a whopping $15,000. Tesla CEO Elon Mots announced on Twitter at the end of last month that the price would be increased by $3,000

The change is official as of this week. Anyone who chooses the FSD option on their Tesla must pay the higher price. Musk said in a tweet he sent out back in August that the old price would \”be honored for orders placed before September 5 but delivered later\”.

What is the value of Tesla’s FSD offer?


Tesla CEO Elon Mots announced on Twitter in late November that the price of the option would be increased by $3,000


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