Binary Dreams: Exploring How A.I. Sees the Universe

A.I. A.I.
What happens when machines start to question their origins?

This short film, created using generative art explores how artificial intelligence views the universe, creators and potential futures. I think the rise of A.I. that is artistic will be a major force in the future. The emergence of artistic A.I. could bring about a new age in art, as significant as the cave paintings 50,000 years old. What will the next 50 years bring if these artistic abilities are possible with only a few decades’ worth of A.I. research? What will we be?

Melodysheep has created this song in collaboration with artificial Intelligence.

Protocol Labs is a great company that supports you.

Special Thanks
Cruz Abalos.
Naomi Augustine
Juan Benet.
Matthew Brown
Zeus Kontoyannis.
Morrison Waud

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