Revolutionizing Robotics: SPIDAR – A Groundbreaking Spider-Like Robot

The spider-like robot SPIDAR is set to revolutionize robotics
The thrusters can be angled in any direction, and they can also \”roll\” the limb.

SPIDAR is a multi-modal robot developed by the University of Tokyo. Its backronym stands for \”SpherIcally Vectorable and Distributed Rotors Assisted Air-ground Amphibian Quadruped Robot\”.

What is the process?

Moju Zhao

The robot SPIDAR, weighing 33 pounds, uses servos to move its limbs. These servos are light but not powerful enough to enable it to stand on its own. It is light enough to be able to fly without the use of a jet engine. However, it must bounce constantly to keep its upright position.


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