Exploring Quantum Supremacy: Why Quantum Computing is Better Than Supercomputers

Quantum Computing: What makes it better than supercomputers?

Researchers from the US have developed a new benchmark based on energy for quantum advantage. They used this to demonstrate noisy intermediate scale quantum (NISQ), computers that consume several orders of magnitudes less energy than the most powerful supercomputer in the world. Quantum computing is an area of computer science which focuses on developing technologies that are based on quantum theory.

Quantum computing uses the quantum properties to solve problems too complex for traditional computing. Quantum computers are becoming larger and more reliable, so the question of whether they can perform calculations that surpass the capabilities of the most powerful supercomputers is increasingly relevant. Quantum computers have now moved from being a scientific curiosity to a useful device. Scientists believe that quantum computing is superior to supercomputers because it can perform tasks a million-times faster. Quantum computers are able to handle complex calculations because they’re built on quantum principles, which go beyond the classical physics.

Quantum computers are powerful machines that can be used to solve complex problems, analyze data, and perform calculations. Both have the ability to revolutionize computer technology but they differ in terms of speed and capabilities. Google’s quantum computing system performed a computation in 2019 that would have taken the most powerful computer on earth 10,000 years to perform. This is the first step in creating the world’s most powerful quantum computer. It will have the ability to produce better medicines, develop smarter artificial intelligent, and solve cosmic mysteries. In 2012, theoretical physicist John Preskill formulated a formula for quantum supremacy or the superiority quantum computers. He called it the moment quantum computers could perform tasks that normal computers couldn’t. Supercomputers use multiple processors to crunch huge amounts of data quickly and produce a single outcome.


Quantum Computing: Why is it Better Than Supercomputers?

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