Reversing the Tide: Examining the Proposed ‘Reverse CFIUS’ Review for US Investment in Foreign Technologies

Congress could tighten up scrutiny on US investments in foreign technology

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States reviews inbound foreign investment in key sectors. The screening of outbound investment – also known as a \”reverse CFIUS\”, would be a new concept and could have ramifications for industries from aerospace and defence to fintech and pharmaceuticals.

How did we arrive here?

In the last few years, there has been a rapid shift in national security from the 20-year war on terror towards strategic competition with state adversaries. Unclassified assessments reveal that the U.S. National Security posture is facing significant threats across a range of domains, from hypersonic weapons and energy to artificial intelligence. Many of these have been made worse by theft of U.S. technologies. The legislation that proposes a \”reverse CFIUS review\” would aim to counteract these threats by adding controls to the flow and intellectual property of U.S. assets abroad.


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