Exploring the Future of Robot Combat: Project Liftoff Episode 4 of This Is Havoc

Project Liftoff: The Future Of Robot Combat Is AI This is Havoc Episode 4.
Project Liftoff is a father-son duo consisting of Jim Kazmer and Andrew Kazmer. They build and drive the robot that has been voted as one of NHRL’s most exciting and well supported.

The company has further developed the Flip n’ Cut bot with a different weapon type, and pushed innovation limits with DeepMelt, a fully autonomous combat robot.

How will a fully-autonomous robot assist drivers in the future?
What is Meltybrain and how does it function?
Why is it important to choose the right wheel?
Can we expect a Project Liftoff of 250lb?

This episode of This Is Havoc – Liftoff will reveal all.

The NHRL is home to the 3lb., 12lb. and 30lb. robot combat world championships.

We are not only one of most difficult places to win but also the friendliest and most welcoming place for people of all ages.


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