Encouraging Safety Profile of BrainGate: Clinical Trials Show Promising Results for Thought-to-Action Brain-Computer Interface

Brain-computer interface converting thoughts into actions: Safety profile of clinical trials is encouraging

The researchers at Brown University set out to achieve a lofty goal more than 20 years ago: To provide paralyzed people with a revolutionary neurotechnology that could turn thoughts about movement into action. They envisioned a tiny implantable device on the surface of the head. The researchers’ work has led to a multi-institution project to develop the BrainGate brain computer interface. This is designed to let paralyzed clinical trial participants control assistive devices such as computers or robotic limbs by simply thinking about what they want to do.

Open Access Paper


Researchers have found that the BrainGate neural-interface system under investigation has a low rate of adverse events. This is an important step towards a medical technology which could help people with paralysis regain their independence.


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