AI in the Physical World: Nvidia GTC Highlights Advances in Robotics

Nvidia GTC Highlights the Physical Side of AI

ChatGPT sparked a wave of interest for AI. AI has finally met the expectations of many consumers. ChatGPT has achieved a lot in a very short time. What is to come, when AI and robotics are combined, will be a game changer.

Since several years, I’ve been advocating the advancements in robotics. I have even called 2022 \”the year of robotics\” partly because there is a growing need to solve the labor shortage and handle tasks that are beyond the mental or physical capabilities of humans and partially due to the continuing advances in AI, accelerated processors, semiconductors, sensors, and wireless connectivity technologies. Robots are not just for manufacturing floors. Robots are becoming increasingly autonomous. They can be hazardous material handlers and janitors. They are essentially AI in the real world. Robot competitions have exploded from Las Vegas to middle schools.

Robotics is advancing quickly with the advancement of technology, as seen at CES. The multi-configurable Yarbo robot outdoor and the John Deere See & Spray were my favorite examples. Yarbo is a multi-purpose machine that can function as a leaf blower or snow blower. It would be the perfect tool for your yard if it could get rid of animal excrement, and the neighbor who is always annoying. The John Deere see & spray ultimate, which has a reach of up to 120 feet (36.6m), uses AI/ML technology to detect weeds as small as a smartphone camera and spray herbicides accordingly. John Deere offers self-drive tractor options.


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