Using AI to Train Microrobots to Navigate and Swim

Artificial intelligence helps smart microrobots to learn how swim and navigate

Researchers at Santa Clara University and New Jersey Institute of Technology, as well as the University of Hong Kong, have successfully taught microrobots to swim using deep reinforcement learning. This is a significant leap forward in the development of microswimming capabilities.

The development of artificial microswimmers capable of navigating the world in a similar way to naturally occurring swimming microorganisms like bacteria has attracted a lot attention. These microswimmers hold promise for future biomedical applications such as microsurgery and targeted drug delivery. Most artificial microswimmers can perform only simple maneuvers and have fixed locomotory gaits.

The artificially intelligent swimmer automatically switches between different locomotory gaits, (color-coded), while tracing an intricate trajectory called ‘SWIM.’ (Image: Commun. Phys., 5,158 (2022))


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