Bill Gates Predicts AI Will Be the Next Big Tech Shift: Is Mark Zuckerberg Betting on the Wrong Horse?

Bill Gates unveils the next big thing for tech and it is not metaverse

Mark lost his Zuckbucks when he bet on the wrong horse

Bill Gates, Microsoft’s co-founder, said that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next major tech shift users can expect to see in the future. He made this statement last week while interacting on Reddit. Gates believes that metaverse and Web3 is revolutionary, but not as much as AI.

Gates’ remarks come at a moment when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg seems to have spent his wealth on chasing a fantasy with the concept that a digital world where everyone logs in to work, connect and play, is no longer gaining traction.

ChatGPT from OpenAI has been attracting everyone’s attention.

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