Using AI to Overcome ‘Critical Challenges’: McMaster’s Insight on Autonomy and Defense Policy

McMaster: AI can help defeat adversaries and overcome ‘critical issues’

WASHINGTON – According to retired Army Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, artificial intelligence and digital tools related to it can help predict natural disasters and combat global warming, as well as speed up humanitarian aid. McMaster was a former national security advisor to the Trump administration.

He said that it can also be used to preempt battles, expose upcoming attacks, and reveal weaknesses around the globe, on May 17, at the Nexus-22 symposium.

McMaster said that the U.S. \”must identify aggression early in order to deter it\”, McMaster told the attendees of a daylong event focusing on autonomy, AI, and the defense policies that underpin it. This applies not only to our inability deter conflict with Ukraine but also to the need to deter conflicts in other areas like Taiwan. We must be able respond quickly, maintain situational awareness, identify patterns of enemy and adversary activity and, perhaps most importantly, anticipate pattern breakers.


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