Unveiling the Potential of Radar to Enhance Road Safety: Automated Corner Detection System for Cars

The new radar system allows drivers to detect hazards at corners.

Researchers have developed a system to allow cars to see around corners, allowing them to spot pedestrians and oncoming traffic. They use radars that are commonly used to track speeders.

Doppler radar is used to bounce radio waves from surfaces like buildings and parked cars. The radar signal is reflected off the surface in a similar way to a pool cue hitting the wall. The radar signal then hits objects around the corner. The radar signals bounce back to the detectors on the car. This allows the system to detect objects hidden around corners and determine if they are stationary or moving.

Researchers Felix Heide and Felix Heide said that the new technology will allow cars to detect occluded objects, which are not visible to today’s camera and lidar sensors. For example, it would enable a self-driving car to navigate around a potentially dangerous intersection. The radar sensors also have a low cost, compared with lidar sensors. They can be scaled up to mass production.


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