Unveiling the Mystery of the ‘Black Box’: A Novel Method for Evaluating the Interpretability of AI Technologies

The ‘black box of AI’: a look inside

Researchers at the University of Geneva, the Geneva University Hospitals and the National University of Singapore have developed a new method to evaluate the interpretability of AI technologies. This opens the door for greater transparency and confidence in AI-driven predictive and diagnostic tools. The innovative approach sheds new light on the opaque nature of \”black box\” AI algorithm, allowing users to better understand the factors that influence the AI’s results and whether they can be trusted.

It is particularly important when AI applications have a significant impact on people’s health and well-being, as in the case of medical applications. This research is particularly relevant in light of the upcoming European Union Artificial Intelligence Act, which will regulate AI development and usage within the EU. Recent findings were published in Nature Machine Intelligence.

Time series data, which represents the evolution of information in time, is everywhere. For example, in medicine when recording heart activity using an electrocardiogram. AI can model this data to create diagnostic and predictive tools.


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