Unlocking the Potential of Automation: How GPT4 Can Increase Senior Developer Productivity

GPT4 can replace jobs
Full automation is actually something I’m happy about. It will make life easier and not require as much education. The AI can take care of most tasks, much like Star Trek computer. Full automation will give more freedom, even for common tasks. The AI can do most of the work and thinking.

A senior developer tested GPT4 for programming. GPT4 provided the Terraform code for one instance of the Fargate API. GPT4 is aware that the code cannot scale up to 10,000 requests per seconds. The article then explains how to create an automatic-scaling team, make the necessary modifications to AWS to scale the code and configure the application’s load balancer.

Note: His prompt was much more detailed than what an average person would provide. A normal person could not verify the results. You can argue for 10x or even 100x increased programmer productivity. Senior developers can take on the role of a manager or programming leader, guiding AI prompt requests coming from multiple programming teams.

It is not advantageous to allow people who don’t know about a subject to use powerful tools. The benefit is that competent people can do more and be more productive in areas they know. The AI tools can increase productivity in areas that you already know how to do. You don’t want someone with no driving experience behind the wheel of an F1 race car.


GPT4 Can Replace Jobs By Making the Best More Productive

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