Unlocking the Potential of Artificial Intelligence to Transform the Logistics Industry

How can artificial Intelligence fuel the logistics industry

Artificial Intelligence has become the buzzword for the year. Many big companies in nearly every industry are exploring this cutting-edge tech. AI is everywhere, from self-checkout registers and AI-based applications that analyse large amounts of data in real time to advanced security checks at airports.

The logistics industry faces a multitude of challenges, including cost, efficiency and security. Bureaucracy is also a major issue. According to experts, new technologies such as AI, machine-learning, blockchain and big data can help improve the logistics industry, from the purchase of goods to internal exchanges, like auditing and delivery.

AI is a technology that can be used to improve supplier selection and supplier relationship management. Combining AI with big data analytics, AI can also be used to analyse supplier-related data, such as performance in terms of on-time deliveries, credit scores, audits and evaluations. It helps to make valuable decisions using real-time actionable insights.


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