Revolutionizing Photodetection with Lead-Bin Binary Perovskite Photodetectors: Fast Response Times and High Efficiencies

Fast response time for new high-efficiency binary lead-bin perovskite detectors

Researchers from the University of Toronto and Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology created recently new solution-processed, perovskite-based photodetectors with remarkable efficiency and response times. The photodetectors were introduced in Nature Electronics in a paper that has a unique design which prevents defects from forming between the different layers.

Edward H. Sargent, a TechXplore reporter, said that there is a growing interest in 3D imaging range for autonomous driving and consumer electronic devices. We have been working as a team on new materials to enable light-sensing technologies, such as the next-generation image sensor.

Numerous applications are possible for photodetectors. These devices detect light or react to it. They can be used in consumer electronics, robotic systems, autonomous cars, environmental sensing, fiber optic communications systems, security systems and consumer electronics.


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