Real-Time 3D Body Reconstruction with BodyTrak: A Wearable Wrist Camera

BodyTrak wrist cameras create 3D models in real-time

Wearable technology has improved and can now track various health measures. This could mean that this technology can provide real-time feedback about posture and body mechanics. Cornell University researchers have demonstrated this functionality with a new camera system that can be worn on the wrist. They hope to incorporate it into future smartwatches.

BodyTrak is the system that comes from the lab responsible for the face-tracking wearables we reviewed earlier this year. The sonar technology allows the digital avatar to mimic facial expressions. The group used a dime-sized RGB sensor and a custom AI to create models of the whole body.

This camera, worn at the wrist, transmits images of moving body parts to a neural network that has been programmed to convert these fragments into virtual representations of the human body. The system works in real-time and fills in blanks from the images taken by the camera to create 3D models in 14 different poses.


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