Li Ka-Shing Backs Biocomputing Startup That Harnesses AI With Lab-Grown Brain Cells

Li Ka-Shing, a billionaire who has invested in biocomputing startups that use lab-grown brain cells to tackle AI, is backing a startup that uses this technology.

Cortical Labs is an Australian startup that develops a new kind of artificial intelligence by combining lab-grown brain cells and computer chips. Horizons Ventures led the funding round, which was led by Li Ka-shing, Hong Kong’s wealthiest person.

Cortical Labs announced in a Wednesday statement that Blackbird Ventures was also a part of the funding round. Other investors include In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the Central Intelligence Agency, as well as U.S.-based LifeX Ventures and Australia-headquartered Radar Ventures, among others.

Cortical Labs announced that it would use the capital to market its biological computer chip–human stem cells grown on microelectrode arrays. Cortical Labs calls their system DishBrain and claims it is capable of performing task-oriented tasks.


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