Exploring AI, Neuroscience and Architecture with Joscha Bach: DigitalFUTURES DOCTORAL CONSORTIUM

Joscha Bach, Synthetic Intelligence


Joscha Bach, Synthetic Intelligence.

13 February 2022 at 10.00 am Eastern Standard Time; 4.00 pm Central European Time; 11.00 PM China.

Joscha Bach, an AI researcher, is one of the leading authorities in neuroscience and AI. He is a popular figure in debates on AI. He has written the book Synthetic Intelligence and given TED talks. Lex Fridman has also interviewed him. Bach’s primary interest is in whether AI can provide us with insights into the functioning of the human brain. He is joining us in our series on a new theory of intelligent emerging at the intersection between AI, neuroscience, and architecture.

Live-stream link: https://youtube.com/digitalfuturesworld/live


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