Gandalf of the Metaverse: Neal Stephenson Steps Away From Writing to Create His Own Metaverse Platform

The man who invented the word \”metaverse\” is building his own metaverse

The science fiction legend who popularized and coined the term \”metaverse,\” is pausing his writing career to create his own.

Wired revealed that \”Snow Crash’s\” cyberpunk pioneer Neal Stephenson was working with a cryptobro to create an open Metaverse platform. Its creators hope it will be a decentralized version similar to the Big Tech metaverses run by Fortnite or Facebook.

\”It is like Neal is coming out of the mountain like Gandalf to restore the Metaverse to an open decentralized and creative order,\” said robotics entrepreneur Rony Abouvitz. He is also serving as a strategic adviser to Lamina1, a company Stephenson cofounded with Bitcoin Foundation director Peter Vessenes.


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