Exploring the Potential of Personal Robots: A Look at 15 Developed Models

Where are the personal robots that we were promised to have?
These 15 robots could demonstrate the viability of the concept.

Since many decades, personal robots are a popular theme in sci-fi. Many sci-fi fans have wondered when these robots will become reality because of their apparent plausibility.

Are they personal robots or robots that look like personal robots?

Would you like to have a robot help you around the house? Maybe another robot for your personal security? You can’t but notice the complete absence of these devices.


Various personal robots exist. Most of these personal robots are not what we were promised by science fiction movies like \”Rosey,\” from \”The Jetsons,\” and \”Bubo,\” from \”Clash Of The Titans,\” or the robots from \”I, Robot,\” as well as genetically engineered \”replicants,\” like those from \”Bladerunner.\”


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