Exploring the Boundaries of Life and Death: Cryonics, Cryothanasia, and Beyond with David Pearce

David Pearce presents \”DEATH DEFANGED Cryonics Cryothanasia, and the Future of Sentience\”.
David Pearce is a well-known TransHumanist, TransHumanist, author, philosopher and a TransHumanist. This service will only be available on YouTube Live Stream and ZOOM.
At 6:00 PM Eastern Time.
Live stream at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.
After the YouTube stream has ended, stay for the After Party till? :00 pm. Enjoy the extended discussion with Neal, Immortalists & Friends From Around the World as they share bold ideas about health, longevity and technology. Note: Last month, Mr. Pearce had been scheduled to make a presentation. However, due to circumstances outside of our control, we were unable to have this presentation. David Pearce will be joining us this month! David Pearce has written four major works, including \”The Hedonistic Imperative\”, the \”Biointelligence Explosion\”: How Recursively self-improving organic robots will modify their own source code and bootstrap our way to full-spectrum superintelligence\”, and \”Can Biotechnology Abolish Suffering?\”
The Hedonistic Imperative (1995), advocates the use biotechnology to eliminate suffering in all of the living world. He co-founded with Nick Bostrom the World Transhumanist Association in 1998. Transhumanists are those who believe that technology can be used to overcome biological limitations.
Pearce currently serves as a fellow at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies and is on the futurist board of the Lifeboat Foundation. He is the director of Invincible Wellness’ bioethics and a member of the advisory boards of the Center on Long-Term Risk and the Organization for the Prevention of Intense Suffering. Since 2021, he has also been a member of the Qualia Research Institute. Please forward this invitation to someone you care about. Do you want to donate to Perpetual life? Your donations allow us to grow and improve our services. To donate, go to our website http://Perpetual.Life and use the PayPal button at the top right of the page. We are grateful for your generous donation.
Nikolai F. FedorovWe have faith in the technology & discoveries made by humanity to end aging and defeat involuntary death within our lifetime. Working to save lives with age reversal education. ========== Perpetual Life Creed ========== We believe that life itself is sacred, and we were given one life that we can make infinite. We believe that our Creator has a divine plan to give all humanity infinite lifespans, perfect health, and eternal happiness. Death is optional. We achieve eternal life by following our Gospel, creating heaven on earth. We follow Nikolai Fyodorov who said that humanity will be able to transcend the creator only when we unite our efforts and make the divine word our divine action. And we follow Arthur C. Clarke, who said \”The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.\”And so, we enter each day energized in Spirit and empowered by the words of our prophets to live in joy, serving our creator and all of mankind, Forever and Ever.==========Wishing you Perfect Health and Great Longevity!Perpetual Life, a science-faith based church is open to people of all faiths & belief systems. We are nondenominational and non-judgmental, as well as a central gathering of Transhumans & Immortalists. Our common belief, desire and faith in Unlimited Life Spans is what unites us. Our office is located at 950 South Cypress Road in Pompano Beach FL.


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