Dronamics Raises $40M for Autonomous Cargo Drone Airline

Dronamics, an autonomous cargo drone airline, has raised $40 million in pre-Series A funding.

Long ago, autonomous aircraft were thought to have the greatest potential. However, not for the glitzy drones that carry people but rather the more sedate cargo. Here, the potential for economic savings is greatest. The large, long-range drones designed specifically for cargo could be cheaper, faster and emit less CO2 than conventional aircraft. This would allow same-day delivery over long distances. Many cargo operators consider the \”flying delivery van\” to be the holy grail.

There are several companies in this field. These include ElroyAir (California), a hybrid electric, VTOL aircraft with a short range. Natilus (California), a larger, longer-term, project that will likely involve high certification and production costs.

Dronamics, a Bulgarian company with a London HQ, has entered this market. The company has already obtained a license for operation in Europe and plans to launch a \”cargo airline\” with drones specifically designed for this purpose. Dronamics says its flagship \”Black Swan model\” will be able carry 350 kg (770lb) over a distance up to 1,550 miles (1,550 km) quicker, cheaper, and with fewer emissions than current options.


Autonomous cargo drone airline Dronamics reveals it’s raised $40M, pre-Series A

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