Atlas Learns a Few Tricks: Boston Dynamics’ Humanoid Robot Learns to Use Hands and Attempts Construction Work

Boston Dynamics Atlas robot gains a pair of hands and tries construction work

Atlas, the world’s most sophisticated humanoid robotics system from Boston Dynamics, is learning new tricks. Boston Dynamics has given Atlas proper hands and in the latest video on YouTube, Atlas attempts to perform some real work. The company also released a behind-the scenes video that shows some of the work done on Atlas. When things go wrong, the robot can be seen taking some pretty spectacular hits in its attempts to advance humanoid robots.

Atlas, as a humanoid, has been primarily focused on locomotion. He started by walking in the lab, and then walked on every type of unstable terrain possible, before performing some sick parkour moves. The upper half is a mere afterthought. Its arms are only used for balance. Atlas didn’t have any hands before. The last time we saw Atlas, its arms had only two incomplete ball grippers.

The newest version of the robot features grippers. The hands are simple clamp-styles with a wrist, and one moving finger. But they’re good enough to pick up things. This video aims to move \”inherently significant\” objects, not just light boxes but also objects so heavy that they could knock Atlas off balance. The list includes a large plank, a tool bag, and a barbell containing two 10-pound weights. Atlas learns about the \”equal and opposing forces\” that exist in the world.


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