AI and Image Translation Revolutionizes Robot’s Ability to Pour Water

Train a robot how to identify and pour water
Jeffrey DeanUnless the CO2 is actively scrubbed, this is what happens when air is recirculated.

James FalkA carbonator?

Michael Taylor shared this link.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University used a horse, a Zebra, and artificial intelligence to teach a robot how to recognize and pour water into a glass.

The fact that water is transparent makes it a difficult challenge for robots. Robots are already able to pour water, but the techniques they used to do so in the past, such as heating the water with a thermal imager or placing the glass against a checkerboard backdrop don’t translate well into everyday life. Robot servers could refill water glasses. Robot pharmacists could measure and mix medicine. Or robot gardeners could water plants.

Gautham Nrasimhan earned his master’s degree at the Robotics Institute, in 2020. He worked with a group in the Robots Perceiving and Doing Lab of the institute to solve the issue using AI and image translation.


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