Unveiling the Cosmic Web: Artificial Intelligence Reveals Past, Present, and Future of Dark Matter

Scientists are now able to see the past and future in a groundbreaking experiment

Researchers have created a map using artificial intelligence that predicts the distribution of dark material throughout the universe.

This new study, published in the Astrophysical journal, shows that researchers took a different approach when creating a distribution model for dark matter. Researchers know that dark material makes up about 80% of the entire universe. Creating a model for the distribution of this dark matter allows them to create what is known as a \”cosmic Web\”.

This cosmic web will allow cosmologists to understand how dark matter has impacted the movement of galaxies throughout history, the present and the future. Researchers used machine learning, an artificial intelligence branch, to create a new model. AI was fed simulations of galaxies with dark matter, visible material, and gasses.


In a breakthrough Experiment scientists are now seeing past and the Future

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