Uber to Deploy Motional IONIQ 5 Driverless Robotaxis to Millions of Riders Over the Next Decade

Uber will deploy Motional IONIQ 5, driverless robotaxis, to millions of riders in the next decade

Uber, a ride-sharing company, has signed a multi-market 10-year commercial agreement with Motional. Motional is a developer and manufacturer of driverless robotics. Uber will initially deploy Motional’s IONIQ 5, electric robotaxis, in selected markets. This could reach millions of people by offering both autonomous ride-hailing services and delivery.

Motional, a developer of autonomous driving technology, is a joint venture formed by Hyundai Motor Group, Aptiv, specialists in advanced safety and electrification. The company is based in Boston, with offices more recently in Santa Monica, California. This is where it has been testing the driverless robotaxis that are built on Hyundai IONIQ 5 EVs.

The public will get their first look at Motional’s IONIQ robotaxis in 2021. They have already completed a cross-country autonomous drive in the US and 100,000 public rides. Motional had already been working with Uber Technologies ($UBER), delivering food autonomously in Los Angeles.


Uber deploying Motional IONIQ 5 driverless robotaxis to millions of riders over the next decade

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