Title: Assessing the Risks and Opportunities of Machine Cognition: A Discussion on Strong AI with Joscha Bach and Other AI Experts

Joscha Bach – Strong AI: Why should we be concerned?
Title: Strong AI – Why we should worry about something that nobody can build.
Synopsis: Currently, no one knows exactly how to build an intelligent system (Strong AI) that can rival or surpass human capabilities. Strong AI’s impact and potential dangers seem to be a concern for futurists who are not involved in the day-to-day research of AI. It is because of this that Strong AI has become a Sci-Fi trope, and that it will never be implemented. The current state-of-the art in AI can already lead to irreversible changes in the labor market, economy, warfare, and governance. We must not ignore the consequences of no longer being the most intelligent creatures on the planet.
There is no reason, despite the challenges of developing Strong AI to believe that the principles inherent in biological brains are beyond what engineering can accomplish in the near term. It is unlikely that narrow AI systems can be easily scaled to general problem solving and modeling. However, there are many open questions regarding the development of Strong AI.

AGI17 Conference in Melbourne, Australia. Talk given at the ‘Artificial intelligence / human possibilities’ event.

Assessment of emerging risks and opportunities for machine cognition.

AI Experts Ben Goertzel Marcus Hutter Peter Cheeseman Joscha Bach.

Event Focus
It’s worthwhile asking, given the significant advances in Artificial Intelligence: What aspects of an ideal AI haven’t been achieved yet.
The media frenzy around AI is well-founded. Many experts are in agreement that the human race will be faced with great challenges if Superintelligent AI is developed (including Artificial general intelligence). Some polls indicate that AGI may not be far away. Though in order to best manage both the opportunities and risks we need to achieve a clearer picture — this requires sensitivity to ambiguity, precision of expression and attention to theoretical detail in understanding the implications of AI, communicating/discussing AI, and ultimately engineering beneficial AI.

Meetup details: https://www.meetup.com/Science-Technology-and-the-Future/events/242163071/


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