Revolutionary NeuRRAM Chip Brings Highly-Efficient AI to Edge Devices

A New, Highly Efficient Neuromorphic Chip on the Edge of AI

An international team of researchers has designed and developed NeuRRAM, which is a new chip capable of running a variety of AI applications. It runs computations directly within memory. It is unique in that it can do all of this at a fraction the energy consumption of computing platforms for general AI computing.

The NeuRRAM chip is a significant step towards AI running on edge devices that are not connected to the cloud. They can now perform complex cognitive tasks at any time and anywhere without the need for a server. This device has applications in all corners of the world and all aspects of our lives. Smartwatches, VR headsets and smart earbuds are just a few of the many applications.

NeuRRAM is not only twice as efficient as \”compute-in memory\” chips (an innovative hybrid chip class that runs calculations in memory), but it also produces results that are as accurate as digital chips. The conventional AI platforms are bulkier, and are usually restricted to large data servers in the cloud.


Highly-Efficient New Neuromorphic Chip for AI on the Edge

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