Panic at Google: Samsung Considers Switching From Google Search to Bing and ChatGPT

Samsung is considering abandoning Bing and Chat in search.

The New York Times published a large article detailing Google’s \”panic\” and \”shock\” after Samsung suggested switching their smartphones from Google Search over to Bing. Bing, which was the subject of jokes over the years, is now seen as a threat to Google due to Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI and integration of ChatGPT generative AI. According to a report, now one of Android’s largest manufacturers is threatening Google Search on its new smartphones.

Preinstalled searches are all about money, not quality. Google pays Apple up to $20 billion a year for the right to be Apple’s default search engine in iOS and macOS. Samsung could choose to stick with Google. The report states that the Samsung/Google contract is \”under negotiation.\”


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