OpenAI Empowers Users to Customize ChatGPT for More Diverse Outputs

OpenAI, backed by Microsoft, lets users customize ChatGPT

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters), Feb. 16 — OpenAI, a startup behind ChatGPT announced on Thursday that it was working to develop an upgraded version of its popular chatbot, which users could customize. The company is also working to address concerns regarding bias in artificial intelligent.

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT.O), which has funded the San Francisco-based company and is using it to power its latest technologies, has said that they have worked to minimize political and other biases, but also wanted more diverse viewpoints.

In a blog, it explained that \”this will mean allowing outputs from the system with which other people may disagree (including ourselves).\” It offered customization as a solution. There will still be \”some bounds\” on the system’s behavior.


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