Meta-optics: Revolutionizing the Human-Machine Interface

Meta-optics : the disruptive technology that you didn’t foresee coming

A review of the rapidly growing field of Meta-Optics found that robots and autonomous vehicles will have eyes capable of seeing much more than what the human eye can see.

Meta-optics advances science and technology beyond the 3,000 year-old optical paradigm we rely on to create the visual interface between humans and machines, including the cameras in mobile phones, lenses in microscopes and drones, as well as telescopes. Meta-optics is transforming the technology bottleneck of optical components, which are the stuff of science fiction stories.

In the last five year, the field has seen a rapid growth, with around 3,000 articles published each year. It was born in the early 2000s, when a material that had a negative refractive indices could be used to create a perfect lens.


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