Measuring Movement: Automating the Assessment of Healthspan in C. elegans

We can tell in a week if something slows down aging

Early-stage development of age-targeting substances often includes studies of their effect on the Caenorhabditis (worm) model Caenorhabditis. This is a time-consuming, manual exercise that only provides data on lifespan.

David Weinkove, an associate professor at Durham University, and Chris Saunter have developed a technology to automate the measurement of movement of large populations of worms. This technology is important because it goes beyond measuring life expectancy. It also captures information on how the health of worms declines with age, their healthspan.

Longevity. Technology: Weinkove, Saunter, and their co-founders have founded Magnitude Biosciences to use their innovative platform for testing drugs and other interventions to see if they can prolong healthspan. Weinkove was interviewed to find out more about where the company came from and what it will do next.


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