Identifying Phishing Emails: Monash University and CSIRO’s Data61’s Machine Learning Model for Inexperienced Users

Model that helps novice users to identify phishing emails

Phishing attacks are cyberattacks in which criminals use deceptive emails and messages to trick people into sending money or sensitive information or installing malware on their computers. Developers have tried to create more sophisticated tools to detect and protect victims as these attacks have become more widespread.

Researchers from Monash University in Australia and CSIRO Data61 have developed a machine-learning-based approach to help users identify phishing email, so they don’t accidentally install malware or give sensitive data to cybercriminals. This model is described in a pre-published paper on arXiv, and will be presented at AsiaCCS2022, a conference about cyber-security.

Tingmin Wu, a researcher who conducted the study, said: \”We identified a gap within current phishing research. Existing literature relies on strict ‘black and gray’ methods of classifying whether an email is a phishing one or not.\”


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