Google AI vs OpenAI ChatGPT: Deep Learning AI Specialization Showdown!

Google Revealed OpenAI ChatGPT Terminator w/ This New AI from DeepMind Sparrow Chatbot
Deep Learning AI Specialization:
Google’s Sparrow AI chatbot, which is likely to be released in beta later this year, will compete with OpenAI ChatGPT. This AI was created based on feedback from humans and utilizes Google search for current information. Google Deepmind released its DreamerV3 general AI reinforcement learning that trained in a fraction the time of OpenAI’s similar project. It also required no human input in order to complete different tasks in minecraft. German Bionic presented its artificial intelligence-powered robotic exoskeleton, which can help workers lift up to 30 kg of objects.

AI News Timestamps:
OpenAI vs Google AI chat 0:00
Google Deepmind DreamerV3
7:06 AI Powered Robotic exoskeleton.

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