Exploring the Top 10 Upcoming Future Technologies and How They’ll Impact Your Life

Ten Upcoming Future Technologies and How They Will Impact You
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Future technologies are developing at a rapid pace. Future technology ideas are becoming reality at an accelerated pace.

These innovative technologies will help solve global problems and make our lives easier. Emerging technologies.

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00:00 Intro.
00:23 10. Genomics: A device to improve your own health.
01:13 09. New Energy Solutions to benefit our environment.
01:53 08. Robotic Process Automation (RPA): A technology that automates work.
02:43 07. Edge Computing is a new way to combat the limitations of cloud computing.
03:39 06. Quantum Computing can help to prevent the spread of disease.
04:31 05. Virtual reality and augmented reality are now being used for training.
05:05 04. Blockchain: Provides valuable security.
05:50 03. Internet of Things: There are so many devices that can be connected to the internet.
06:40 02. Cyber Security is a way to enhance security.
07:24 01. 3D printing: A technology that can be used to make prototypesfuturistic tech.

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