Exploring the Tiny Frontier: The World’s Smallest Remote-Controlled Walking Robot

The smallest remote-controlled walking robot ever.

The crabs are only half a millimeter in size and can crawl, bend, twist, turn, and even jump. Scientists also created millimeter-sized robotic insects that look like inchworms and crickets. This is an experimental study, but researchers believe their technique could help them develop tiny robots capable of performing useful tasks within small and cramped spaces.

This study was published recently in Science Robotics. In September last year, the same team unveiled the world’s smallest flying object (published on Nature’s cover): a microprocessor with wings.

John A. Rogers led the experiment. \”Robotics can be an exciting area of research and the development microscale robots makes for a great topic of academic exploration.\” You might imagine microrobots in the industry as agents that repair or assemble machines or small structures, or as surgical assistants for clearing clogged arteries or tumors in minimally-invasive procedures.


Smaller Than a Flea – The Smallest Remote-Controlled Walking Robot Ever

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