Exploring the Potential of Generative AI with Stability AI CEO Emad Mostaque

Emad Mostaque of Stability AI on the Future of Generative AI and Real-Time Movies.
Emad Mostaque, CEO of Stability AI, discusses AI’s future in the 46th episode. It’s only a few years away from being able to generate entire movies in real time, and it could revolutionize the healthcare industry. Stable Diffusion is also a great tool for education, charity, potential regulations and social impact.

(0:00) Intro.
(1:03) Introducing Emad Mostaque.
(1:27), Generative AI
9:52 Computing power and AI
How Emad became a member of AI
(14:49 ) Open-source AI
(20:19). Growth of Stable diffusion.
(21:57) Lensa.
Power of Creativity (25:39).
The impact of AI
(34:09). State of the Industry.
(37:32 – Business Model for AI)
AI Use Cases (43:28).
(48:11). Societal impact.
(51:39). Becoming a public person.
(55:41) Outro.

Justin Hrabovsky, mixed and edited.
Andrew Nadeau & Rashad Assir produced the film.
Executive Producer: Josh Machiz
Music: Griff Lawson

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