Exploring the Possibility of AI-Assisted Resource Distribution: What DeepMind’s Study Reveals

Deepmind’s new AI may be better at distributing society’s resources than humans are

For years, philosophers, economics and political scientists have struggled with the question of how to redistribute wealth created by groups of people working together. DeepMind’s new study suggests that AI could be better at making decisions than humans.

AI has proven to be increasingly effective at solving complex problems in business, biomedicine and other areas. The idea of using AI to design solutions for social issues is therefore appealing. It’s difficult to answer these questions because they require relying on subjective concepts like justice, fairness and responsibility.

The diversity of political ideologies today makes it difficult to determine what should be optimized for. This makes it difficult to determine what should be optimized and increases the risk of developers’ values influencing the outcome.


Deepmind’s New AI May Be Better at Distributing Society’s Resources Than Humans Are

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