Exploring the Possibilities of AI-Generated Art with Jordan Tanner

Jordan Tanner Interview: The Future of AI-Generated Art is Here!
Jordan Tanner, unlike many so-called artists who strew junk in the halls and galleries of modern art museums today, is pushing the boundaries of his craft. His diverse portfolio includes VR experiences inspired by vaporwave, 3D-printed figurines and NFTs for Popular Front as well as animated art for the magazine. Lee Unkrich (director of Coco and Toy Story 3) called his recent AI-generated artwork made with OpenAI’s DALLE software \”STUNNING\”.

We spoke to the UK-born artist, now based in Israel, about the upcoming AI-generated revolution and why the future of the arts is still bright. Tanner believes that AI-generated artwork is like owning the latest and flashiest Nikon cameras. It doesn’t make you a photographer. Tanner created unique AI-generated art pieces to accompany this interview. You can see them below.

Jordan, thank you for speaking with Countere. What is your artistic background?


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