Exploring the Frontiers of Genetics: An Interview with Dr. George Church on Rewriting Genomes to Eradicate Disease and Aging

George Church, Ph.D.: Rewriting Genomes for Disease Elimination and Aging
Goerge church, a brilliant and all-around intelligent man, talks about the genetic engineering technologies.

George Church, Ph.D., is a professor of medical genetics and health sciences at Harvard Medical School. He also teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard. Dr. Church was a key player in the Human Genome Project, and is recognized as a leading scientist in gene editing and synthetic biology.

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Church lab: https://arep.med.harvard.edu/
Regenesis Book: https://www.amazon.com/Regenesis-Synthetic-Biology-Reinvent-…atfound-20

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00:00:00 Intro.
00:02;52 The Human Genome Project.
00:09;48 Making cell phones (with Biology)
00:13.21 Genome Project – Write.
00:15.51 How to write a human Y-chromosome from scratch
What if we could eliminate viral diseases?
00:18.38 Restoring lost genes and traits.
The Vertebrate Genome Project.
AlphaFold, and other AI Tools.
00:37.14 CRISPR and Base Editing (emerging genetic engineering tools)
Why multiplex editing is going to change the world.
00:48.05 Molecular Flight Recorder.
00:49.18 Preventing viral spreadover and improving livestock.
00:53.27 PCSK9 genetherapy for cholesterol.
Is aging a program that has evolved?
01:01:08 Treatment of aging using a gene combination treatment.
Can animal research help us to understand human aging and aging in general?
01:07:28 The use of organoids as a therapeutic model.
01:09:21 Can engineered organs be better than originals?
01:12:05 Embryo editing controversy.
01:24:28 Gene editing for space travel.
Can synthetic biology reduce poverty?
01:29.55 Is embryo selection and in vitro fertilisation similar to editing?
The cost of brilliance, neurodivergence and sometimes even the occasional price.
01:41.33 Eliminating disease using Gene Drive
01:44 Technologies to cure Lyme disease
01:47.45 My personal experience with narcolepsy.
01:56.29 Why George encoded the book in DNA

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