Exploring Generalist AI Beyond Deep Learning: A Discussion on Intelligent Self-Organization

Deep Learning is not the only AI solution.
The development of generative AI is a major step towards creating models that are able to make sense of the universe by imagining visual, textual, and conceptual representations. They also become more generalist. These AI systems are based on scaling deep learning algorithms using massive amounts of data, but biological systems appear to be able make sense of the universe with far fewer resources. AI research has yet to discover this phenomenon of intelligent self-organization that is efficient and effective. This opens up a new frontier in AI research. The panelists of our event will discuss the possibility of incorporating principles from biology and cybernetics to create intelligent self-organization in technical systems to get closer to general intelligence. Join us for this lively discussion on the future of AI, and how we can go beyond traditional approaches such as deep learning.

The event is sponsored and hosted by Intel Labs, as part of their Cognitive AI Series.


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