Enabling Precision Agriculture: GoMicro’s AI Grain Assessment Technology

AI grain assessment is a seed for better returns

GoMicro, an artificial intelligence (AI), company based in South Australia, is launching its new grain-assessment technology on the Australian market. This will lead to more stable prices for grains and pulses and better quality control.

The multi-grain assessment system is based at Flinders University’s high-tech New Venture Institute at Tonsley Innovation District, Clovelly Park in Adelaide. According to Dr. Sivam Krish, CEO of GoMicro, the device accurately tests more than 1,200 grains within one sample, compared to the current scanner-based method, which only assesses 200 grains well-separated at a given time.

Dr. Krish says that GoMicro uses the high-quality phone cameras to provide low-cost and high-precision grain and other product assessments.


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